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Insanely Easy

Didn't catch the video above? How about this animated GIF that demonstrates how easy it is to share a Unity WebGL build on SIMMER.

What Developers Say

Here's what seasoned Unity developers are saying about SIMMER. We have dozens of emails from happy developers using the platform.

  • "Yeah it's that easy. I was soooooo drained after uploading my game to 4 or 5 sites. All are different. They all have different criteria and there are numerous steps and none of them have any similarity. On SIMMER all I did was register and drag and drop my build onto the front page. Done. Works as advertised."

    Jim Reah
    via YouTube
  • "The concept and implementation of your site is brilliant, it's good to see a resource that can be used to help publish first-time developers.
    Publishing the game was extremely easy, helped through the use of the Unity template published within the Unity Asset store."

    Robert Moran
    via email
  • "I’d say that uploading a web build to SIMMER was a breeze. Couldn’t have asked for a better workflow. Not only that, but at the time I discovered its existence, it certainly felt like a godsend! THE ONLY current service I found that didn’t induce headaches just to perform the expected-to-be-simple task of uploading a Unity web build. So THANK YOU!"

    Ben Jee
    via Email

What else makes SIMMER so great?

  • We use a HTTP2 and a Global CDN to deliver your games FAST.
  • The publishing process is fully drag and drop.
  • You can embed your games on any website, just as easily as a YouTube video.
  • With SIMMER, you can share live games on Patreon, Medium, Kickstarter and More
  • It's Free

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